EAT HERE: Zabu Zabu Downtown Berkeley

Come enjoy the lounge...

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I have recently become obsessed with Shabu Shabu. In particular, Zabu Zabu in Downtown Berkeley. 

Shabu Shabu is a hot pot dish that became popular in Japan during the 20th century. It consists of raw assorted vegetables, and paper-thin slices of meat (usually beef or pork) cooked in a savory or spicy broth. The name "Shabu Shabu" comes from the sound the meat makes as it is being swished around in the broth.

One night I was craving something different and I found Zabu Zabu on yelp. Interactive dining is super fun and the "all you can eat" ramen noodles and meat sounded delicious, so we gave it a try.  

It's tucked away in Downtown Berkeley, about two blocks from the bart station. Inside feels intimate and there is usually seating available immediately. The staff is attentive and lively, they make the dining experience light and fun. We always get the all you can eat shabu shabu for two. It comes with your choice of broth. The sukiyaki broth is a crowd favorite, but the spicy miso is also bomb. The all you can eat applies to meat (Wagyu Beef, Kurobuta Pork, Beef Tongue, Australian Lamb, Chicken Breast), assorted vegetables (mushrooms, tofus, spinach, carrots) and comes with your choice of rice, ramen, or udon noodles.

You can find Demetrius and I here pretty much every free Sunday evening we have. Try this place, you will thank me. :)